London Film and Comic Con- Picture round up

Originally I was going to do the story of our weekend here. We had an awesome time, met some fab artists (including our lovely neighbour Grant Perkins) and learned a lot. Our promo legend Gizzy  got to meet his heroes Jason David Frank (who was touched by Gizzy’s story about how he got over bullying and issues with mobility thanks to his inspiration) and Michael J Fox (by the way well done on raising millions for Team Fox everyone!)

So instead here are a number of pictures- big thanks to all the celebs and cosplayers for taking their pics with us, not to mention the excellent Dan Butcher for the superb artwork of Issue 25 and the cover that graces most of these pics! (Remember always ask first before taking a pic- it’s just good manners!) I couldn’t put all of them in, so will do a full gallery on our Facebook page.

Of course we do stress the characters belong to their designated owners (Marvel, DC etc) and the celebrities posed with our comic because they are lovely people and we appreciate them taking the time to support us!


George's is round the corner from the venue. His breakfasts are the perfect start to a con!


George’s is a cafe round the corner from the Olympia (the venue for London Film and Comic Con). Good breakfast there and he’s a very friendly chap!

The big thing from the event was Back To The Future- as part of the 30th anniversary there were talks, a model of the Delorean (someone proposed to their girlfriend in it!) and a number of celebrity appearances, including Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox. Another big name was sci-fi legend Sigourney Weaver, not to mention cast members from Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and a whole lot more.

The place also had great artists, merchandise stands and comics as well. One slight downside of this was we were a bit cut off in our small press section (see pic below) but overall the experience made up for it!

A good example of this was thanks to Gizzy’s roaming promo- We met a lot of cosplayers who very kindly gave their time to pose with us. Here’s a selection (if you see yourself by all means tweet us, email us or Facebook message us and we’ll credit you- really appreciate your support! )

Of course it wasn’t all promo, so here are some other pics from the day just to mix it up!



And below are some brilliant celebrities who kindly took time out to pose with our comic


For us it was an interesting convention- some people on forums may have heard negative stories and there is some truth in it. However it should be said the volunteers work very hard at these events and deserve great credit.

We made some good connections (hopefully more news on that soon, watch this space!), sold some comics and merch and met some fascinating people.

In future we may tackle how we do cons a bit differently- every time we go is a learning experience. But I do want to say a big thank you to everyone involved. Whether you are a celebrity posing with a picture or a nice stranger offering advice help and support is always appreciated!

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