Welcome to Reynard City

Artwork by Nicholas Webb and Strider Syd

Artwork by Nicholas Webb and Strider Syd

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Welcome to Reynard City, a Saturday morning cartoon in webcomic form (watch the video below to find out more!)


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The Perfect Platinum Available Now

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A trip to a concert takes a very dark turn. What follows is a story where the dark past of Sally Vixen is fully revealed.

Available now for Patreon backers (click here to donate) or £3 to Paypal if you want to do a one-off donation.

The collection includes-

  • All issues of the Perfect Platinum story from Issue 16 (Rock and Load) to Issue 21 (Subconscious Pt 2)
  • Prequel stories Chubby Little Secret and Revelation
  • Introduction featuring insights from artists like Jed Soriano and Susie Gander and other contributors such as Jessica Austin (Norcon) and Rachel Keeley (Maybe Someday)
  • New short story by contest winner Van Hikari

Remember: buying this collection helps to support our artists and keep this project going. Massive thanks to everyone who backs us, if you’d like to know more either click here or email reynardcity@gmail.com




New series Reynard City Chronicles coming soon- more info here


Logo by Jed Soriano

Logo by Jed Soriano





Good Guys


Bad guys




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Reynard City Issue 3

Issue 4


Issue 6



Issue 9 Art by Kirsty Swan


Issue 11 artwork by Nicholas Webb and Stryder Syd

Issue 12

Issue 13


Issue 15

Rock n Load (Pablo Lizalde)

Issue 17 cover by Chaotic Drakness, art by Dan Butcher

Iss 18 Artwork by Susie Hampton and Pablo Lizalde

Issue 19 artwork by Bijoy and Dan


The conclusion to the first Reynard City story arc

Issue 22

Out of Shape cover by Susie Gander

Reynard City Issue 24 cover by Nicholas Webb

reynard city 25


Enjoy these?  Want more? We have bonus issues (click on the pics below!)


Mega Fox by SanchezGoesWest




Chubby Little Secret (Dan Butcher/Ielle Palmer)



Alternotron by Jed Soriano

Queen of Arts by John Paul Guerra and Pirpintine

rc_cover copy

"What is that thing?" by John Paul Guerra

Finished with the comics? Here's some short stories!

Finished with the comics? Here’s some short stories!



















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About the site- This is not just the home of our online comic! We are dedicated to supporting a wide range of artistic talent. As well as artists we also help promote designers, musicians, acting talent and more. Keep an eye on the blogs for upcoming news on the project as well as how you can get involved!


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Perrywinkle is an excellent semi-autobiographic comic by Susie Gander about her fight with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. To find out more click here



Vanguard is Dan Butcher’s excellent satirical superhero comic epic, ideal for fans of 2000AD, Paul Verhoven and/or Watchmen, click here to find out more.

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News roundup: New website special

visualise jo.jpg

Joanne Keeble, one of the Visualise team promoting us in New York!


I think you’ve probably seen by now we have a new site. Jo, Jim, Meg and Tyler from Visualise have done a great job with the update (thanks to Tim as well who’s worked on the site for the last few years).

Visualise’s work is a great example of people who have come on board and really benefited the project. Artists like Jed, Susie, Nicholas, Syd and Dan don’t just draw they create incredible images that people associate with the comic and rightly so.


Reynard City Chronicles Artwork by Strider Syd and Nicholas Webb


We also have people like Foxybop and Cherryfox who created work with their cosplays, some amazing fanart courtesy of Dedo, Elie and so many more, Mark Marx and Cmore Trix’s music, not to mention Hayley, Hollie, Max,  Paul, Helen, Jack and a whole bunch of other fantastic actors who have brought the characters to life. We have also had plenty of support from Norwich Kitty, Norfolk Tweetup and other local businesses.

Ultimately this is a crucial thing to remember- when you back our Kickstarter, make a donation or back our Patreon this is not just for one person but for a whole team and there is a great opportunity here to create something fantastic.

I realise it’s not easy at the moment but the more help we get the better. Thanks to you we’re at £440 now but with more people sharing and spreading the word I know we can do more (link here)

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!


Morgan’s Organs: Support this Kickstarter

Thanks to Janette, Rachel, Adam and everyone who got us over the £400 mark last week, please keep up the awesome work to help us hit our £6000 target (Kickstarter here) If you have a Kickstarter you want to promote email us reynardcity@gmail.com

Morgan’s Organs is an intriguing concept- a more adult version of Inside Out by creator Daniel Brodie in which a young student has to deal with growing pains and the very real internal struggle represented by his body!

You can find the Kickstarter and learn more by clicking here (warning some adult content)


A comic book like Pixar's "Inside Out" but for grown-ups. Book #1 complete and printed. Book #2 in pre-production.

Kickstarter roundup week 2

It’s been another hectic week, lots of filming and the best part has been some terrific guest performers. With that in mind a big foxy thanks to Helen Fullerton, Max Phillippe Rudd, Paul Andrew Goldsmith, Hayley Evenett and Hollie Harrington-Ball.

Also big thanks to our backers 52D North, Susie Gander, Trevor Saunders, Benjamin Turner, Madeleine-Holly Rosing, Patrick Harmon, True Focus Hypnotherapy, Beck Lee, Jason Dagless, Chris Stewart, Scott Early,Simon Delf, Mark Wiesner and Sergey Anikushin. 

To back the Kickstarter and get regular updates (including guest vlogs) back the Kickstarter here


Logo by Jed Soriano

Logo by Jed Soriano







Check out Coronary, another awesome Kickstarter project here


Coronary: Support this Kickstarter

Got something you want to promote? Contact us for a guest blog or check out our advertising packages by clicking here. Don’t forget we have a Kickstarter up too- click here to support us and please spread the word.


Image result for coronary kickstarter comic


A futuristic dystopian London is dominated by pills, surgeons and lifestyle coaches. In this fascinating graphic novel debut Ryan Burke (Passionate author, creative writing graduate) and Joel Saavedra (Artist on a number of works including Red String and Family Curse) present the story of a desperate businessman and a mysterious woman who enters his life, peeling back the layers of a society obsessed with superficiality and his guilt and how he may be complicit in creating this.

Aimed at a mature YA audience this looks at some difficult issues such as body perception and self harm. Essentially the story is about love but also the challenges of finding and maintaining it in a dark time.

I for one want to wish them both the best of luck, you can find out more and back their Kickstarter here.

Kickstarter round up week 1

Artwork by Nicholas Webb and Strider Syd

Artwork by Nicholas Webb and Strider Syd



OK we are just over a week into the Kickstarter so thought we would do a quick roundup of events. First of all big thank you to everyone who shared the page but especially to Trevor Saunders, Chris Stewart, Scott Early, Simon Delf, Lawrence Geib, Susie Gander, Mark Weisner and Sergey Anikushin who have all generously backed us (if you want to join them the link is here)

I also want to thank Norwich Kitty for generously letting me guest host last Thursday (for those that missed it we launched the Kickstarter and had a fab cake!)

Special thanks to Lady Cybercat for the art and Linzers Bakery for the cake!

Special thanks to Lady Cybercat for the art and Linzers Bakery for the cake!


As a reminder we have 60 days to hit £6000, thus far we have £262. It’s a decent start but we need everyone to help us out as much as you can, both in terms of backing us and spreading the word. We are also going to be boosted by a brilliant new website update by Visualise coming very soon!

New website coming soon by Visualise!

New website coming soon by Visualise!

With that in mind I have been posting videos each day (including rewards, Norwich Castle and more!) and I am grateful to some fab guest stars who have helped along the way (with more to come)- Special thanks to Jack Allen and Heather Fullerton who both provided some great voice work! If you have any questions please let me know and will be happy to answer in a future video!


Day 1: A quick intro to the Kickstarter


Day 2: